29 Persian Woman Brands In addition to their Meanings

Due to this, they might be commonly sought after from the moms and dads who would like to offer its girl one thing joyous and you may important, that’ll lay him or her besides most other lady as they develop up and begin categories of her one day.

More so, having said that, let us glance at the after the 20 most effective Persian woman brands and their meanings.

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  1. Popular Persian Girl Brands
    1. Esther
    2. Solmaz
    3. Ava
    4. Leila
    5. Nasrin
    6. Shirin
    7. Yasmin
    8. Anahita

Popular Persian Girl Names

Off Esther so you can Violet, talking about several of the most well-known Persian woman brands within the Iran today. Given the of many definitions about per profile, we broke her or him down to you personally less than.

This can help you find Persian lady brands that mean anything unique for your requirements as well as your family while you are honoring their traditions.


Esther are a Hebrew identity definition celebrity. Esther was created away from wedlock so you can Vashti and is labeled as Hadassah, Esther away from Persia.

She turned king off Persia as a consequence of her wedding to help you Queen Ahasuerus (Xerxes We), governing ranging from 486 BC and 464 BC.

Yet not, the book The storyline off Esther tells just how she stopped the latest plot of slaughter. For all Jews during the Shushan by the revealing that she try Jewish.

Therefore, which contributed to her elevation towards the queen, empowering the woman anyone and you may restoring peace inside the Persia shortly after Ahasuerus’s passing. The vacation Purim celebrates so it victory more than absorption.


Solmaz belongs to the newest Persian women’s title. The meaning away from Solmaz into the Persian is dawn. Solmaz is typical among Muslim group.

Yet not, It was provided to 8 kids for the 2012, depending on the United states Public Safeguards Administration. Solmaz’s term has been searched into social support systems 138 moments, making it a greatest Persian lady label in the us. Someone http://datingmentor.org/escort/escondido/ seek Solmaz more frequently than it seek Caitlin and you will Nicole together.

It had been determined from the and you can implied like an effective bird. This is an excellent identity if you like the de-, so it will be possible for the woman to introduce by herself throughout the the girl lives.

not, Ava is not hard for all of us so you’re able to pronounce and will not render others any dilemmas due to the fact spelling happens. She can including reduce it up a while having when she desires to has actually things more standard.

Thus, Having an enthusiastic Ava that you know will still be powerful with people label choice. You can easily love exactly how strong she can become and how much strength she already enjoys as the a man.


Inside French, it indicates locked up. It is based on Lilith. Leila has also been title regarding an enthusiastic Indian love demand for Indiana Jones: Raiders out of Forgotten Ark. Essentially, Kate Capshaw depicted the woman.

Often put as the a good boy’s name otherwise unisex because of the mothers searching getting option spellings so you can Leila, particularly Leah or Lelia. It will really be obvious Set-la or LAI-la. Read more


Out of ancient Persian: Sunrays, illumination. Nasrin is not just one of several breathtaking Persian girl labels also a beneficial Persian angel. Moreover it possess various other definition Nasrin means The new lighted of these.

Very, if you want to provide your own de, following try out Nasrin. When she develops, she will choose just how she wants to spell the girl identity. This can allow it to be the ultimate Persian lady title getting mothers who need a feminine and you can pretty-sounding title.

Tara into the Persian setting celebrity, world, and also an electrical power score off 8.step 1 for the a size of 1 so you’re able to ten. Within the religion, Tara is known as certainly Goddess Lakshmi’s incarnations whom personifies charm and brilliance. Named immediately after goddess Saraswati, the woman is considered extremely auspicious.