The night before “The Fight Of The Century”. Live. From the Starland Ballroom in Dirty Jersey. Heavyweight Bam Bam Baklava – AKA Bronsolino – AKA Action Bronson slaps bassy beats like body shots to a slab of beef. We from Queens, out here watching our gritty prince defend the title, demonstrating why he is the rap king. Mayweather can say what he will about his wealth, but Queens get the money. Queens get the money.

With his newly released “Mr. Wonderful”, Action Bronson slugs it out in the studio for 13 rounds, working the Rap Game with relentless blows, immaculate flows and the occasional not-so-errant elbow.  Here, under the lights, on the stage in Sayreville, NJ, the champ demonstrates his versatility, bouncing through breathless tracks before sliding into kief laced lusciousness that wafts effortlessly above the crowd. This isn’t a one trick pony. He’s got rap purists studying the surgical precision from one side of the stage, hyped hip hoppers–hands up–screaming for more on the other. Everyone here is taken by the energy; every song is delivered with such emphasis we can’t help but rap our asses off with him. Bronson’s signature style, a balance between shit stomping ruggedness and humor, lands squarely. The undercard , which featured Charlie RED and Meyhem Lauren, didn’t disappoint either. Their strong performances paired too well, giving the night a well rounded feel.

Photos by Godfred Sedano

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