[rev_slider Adrian Daniel]

No stranger to paving his own path, Brooklyn-bred/Alternative soul-singer Adrian Daniel has chosen to build his music career one listener at a time.

In a cozy art gallery located on the outskirts of Clinton Hill, dozens of friends and fans piled in to participate in a joint album release/listening party for Adrian’s new album Disillusions (out today). The walls were lined with tiny mp3 players partnered each with a painting by one of three artist commissioned to express what each song made them feel.

Artists Zina Anne, Qadira, and Flash stood proudly as listeners zoned in on Adrian’s sonic LP while gazing on the tiny portraits in front of them. Adrian himself, made it a point to speak to every listener in attendance to get their feedback (which was overwhelmingly positive).

Daniel eventually grabbed a microphone to say a few words and thank the crowd. “There hasn’t been a singer from Brooklyn since Maxwell,” he said proudly, “I’m definitely gonna champion that.” He played two acoustic songs for the crowd before blasting his new LP from start to finish to an eager crowd.

Disillusions is out today on iTunes. If you like what you hear, support and reach out to Adrian personally because that’s how he’s done it from the start and will continue for the foreseeable future.