Festivals come in many flavors. AFROPUNK comes CORRECT. Unlike Burning Man, which frames it’s experience as a week-long departure from the cushy confines of our increasingly cookie cutter existence, the AFROPUNK atmosphere is a celebration of our perpetual, inviolate uniqueness. AFROPUNK is where people who are already living the life they want go to enjoy it, not escape it. And that is why it has become synonymous with street style, not hedge funders popping pills. We submit to you here the evidence, framed by DMNDR shutterbug D.J. Stevenson. Let us know what  you think about AFROPUNK culture and which shots you like the most.





_MG_3960 _MG_3961
_MG_3964 _MG_3965 _MG_3967


Xavier Omär

Seinabo Sey

_MG_4013 _MG_4015

_MG_3958 _MG_4022 _MG_4026 _MG_4029 _MG_4030 _MG_4032 _MG_4034 _MG_4036 _MG_4037 _MG_4038

Roman GianArthur
_MG_4082 _MG_4096 _MG_4097

_MG_4145 _MG_4153 _MG_4156 _MG_4157 _MG_4158 _MG_4159 _MG_4160 _MG_4161

The Suffers
_MG_4186 _MG_4189 _MG_4200 _MG_4217 _MG_4219 _MG_4241 _MG_4242

_MG_4266 _MG_4268 _MG_4274 _MG_4279 _MG_4281 _MG_4282

Skye & Ross from Morcheeba
_MG_4285 _MG_4290 _MG_4292 _MG_4297

Gallant_MG_4316 _MG_4318 _MG_4326 _MG_4327 _MG_4349

Skunk Anansie_MG_4354 _MG_4362 _MG_4363 _MG_4365 _MG_4367 _MG_4373 _MG_4376 _MG_4379
_MG_4381 _MG_4382 _MG_4384 _MG_4385 _MG_4387 _MG_4388 _MG_4390 _MG_4391 _MG_4392 _MG_4394 _MG_4395 _MG_4396
_MG_4401 _MG_4406 _MG_4410 _MG_4413 _MG_4418

Janelle Monáe_MG_4445 _MG_4460 _MG_4461 _MG_4463 _MG_4465 _MG_4469 _MG_4472 _MG_4476 _MG_4484 _MG_4489 _MG_4492 _MG_4495 _MG_4499 _MG_4502 _MG_4523

The Internet

_MG_4532 _MG_4535 _MG_4547 _MG_4568 _MG_4571