Over the course of my photography career I have developed relationships with some artists more than others. The constant struggle between choosing to cover a new artist or cover an artist that I have previously photographed. Alabama’s own Yelawolf is one of the artists I have covered every time he has come to the Boston area. I have had a crazy experience every time. Last time I went to his show, I got maced along with a bunch of other people in the crowd when someone either sprayed it or it accidentally went off in their bag. This time was a little different though.

Yelawolf is on tour with Korn and Stone Sour, quite the interesting lineup for a national tour. His Rock & Roll and heavy metal roots are part of what makes his rap so interesting. The morning of the show I almost completely gave up on trying to get a photo pass. I took to Instagram and started messaging people that were in Yelawolf’s camp and I got got lucky. Someone got back to me and told me that I could shoot directly for the tour, from the stage and with all access. I drove to the venue and met with my contact and next thing I know I am photographing the show.

Yelawolf opened with his Love Story smash “Outer Space” and moved through a bunch of other hits, ending with his new single “Row Your Boat”. After the set, I ended up hanging out with Yelawolf in the green room. He was going over how the set went with DJ Klever. The conversation eventually shifted to who I was, being the stranger in the room and I explained how I have covered all the Boston area concerts. We talked about the last show, with the mace and I eventually handed Yelawolf my phone to see the video I took.

Next we headed out to the Tour Bus, emptied my camera’s card so they had access to any of my pictures if they wanted to use for social media purposes. All in all this was an awesome experience and I look forward to the next one.

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