Portland based group Blind Pilot, and up and coming artist Charlie Cunningham played to an intimate, enthusiastic crowd a few Thursday nights ago at The Queen.

Blind PIlot

Blind Pilot was originally formed back in 2008, when singer/guitarist Israel Neberker and Drummer Ryan Dorobowski teamed up to begin creating their own. A few EP’s and some small shows later, they later decided to add four touring members to the group. This variety fills each live experience with a myriad of instruments that define the bands unique, complex sound. Their abilities varied between acoustic guitar, upright bass, and harmonica. It was a wonderful sight to see in person, and was pleasing to the audience as the band filled the room with their seamless blend of feel-good folk songs from their newest album, “And Then Like Lions.”

Supporting Blind PIlot was rising songwriter, Charlie Cunningham. Cunningham is an Oxford based singer on tour to promote his debut album titled “Lines”, and is slowly coming into his place as one of the area’s prominent indie artists. His live music was stripped back, yet beautiful, and he charmed the audience with his soothing voice and found some moments to crack a few jokes in between songs.

Charlie Cunningham

Here’s hoping we see more from both of these artists in the future.

Blind Pilot
Queen Wilmington