Doylestown, PA natives Balance and Composure rocked the Mercy lounge with their post-grunge sound. Piercing vocals mixed with hushed choruses and muddy, ambient rock foundations lend them this mysterious vibe that draws you into their performance, and creates a wide acoustic palette for you to pick tones and moods that range from Blink 182-like excitement to Smashing Pumpkins melancholy. It takes little imagination to understand the band’s name after plotting their sonic coordinates into your emotional chart– their sound is very literally balanced and methodically composed.

The crowd went wild as they played their hit “Postcard” from their 2016 release Light We Made, which might be a good place to start your discovery of Balance And Composure for the uninitiated:



Balance and Composure-

Jon Simmons – vocals, guitar

Erik Petersen – guitar

Andy Slaymaker – guitar, backing vocals

Matt Warner – bass

Bailey Van Ellis – drums, programming


Balance and Composure_03 Balance and Composure_04 Balance and Composure_05 Balance and Composure_06 Balance and Composure_07 Balance and Composure_08 Balance and Composure_09 Balance and Composure_10  image012