Bear’s Den brought their folksy, british alt-rock stylings to Rough Trade last night while in town on their tour running through mid-November. While only their second studio album, Red Earth & Pouring Rain finds the group incorporating a slightly different sound, laced with subtle flourishes of synthesizers, and a somewhat less traditional sounding instrumentation than their previous Islands. That’s not to say that this release is a collection of drum kit laden trap tracks- far from it-more so that their freshman release Islands was classically rendered in most every regard. Islands was also quite a well received album, making its way up the UK charts and finding a place for the band in direct support of artists like Mumford & Sons and Daughter. But this tour seems to be about Bear’s Den really coming into their own sound and developing their own fanbase around hypnotically balanced ballads and captivating storytelling. And a pedal here and there didn’t replace the banjos, trumpets, coronets and acoustic guitars that are Bear’s Den’s stock and trade.

DMNDR’s Levi Walton caught their SOLD OUT show and gave us a peak into the Bear’s Den in Brooklyn. Check out the photos from Rough Trade and look up your stop on the US and European tour dates here to see them yourself!img_4216  img_4238 img_4251 img_4255 img_4268 img_4276 img_4284 img_4300 img_4312 img_4315 img_4317 img_4321 img_4342 img_4346 img_4350 img_4363 img_4365 img_4376 img_4384 img_4390 img_4397 img_4408 img_4418 img_4422 img_4435 img_4472 img_4478 img_4490  img_4513 img_4522 img_4533 img_4544 img_4556