Sometimes there are just months where there are a string of great shows in a row and you want to hit up each and every one so you don’t miss any of those beautiful moments. After a few shows in a row though your body is just tired and all you want to do is lay down in your bed and get some sleep. Then you hear from one of the main DJ’s at your local radio station WEQX that Bob Moses is playing to a tiny room that holds maybe 200 people on a Tuesday night after having played two packed shows at Terminal 5 in NYC a couple weeks back. And so you go shoot that show, because you can’t miss any of those beautiful moments- especially in a smaller room. Watching the trio in such an intimate setting was jaw dropping. They are so in synch with one another and it is just beautiful to watch. Here’s Bob Moses at Nanola:bryan-lasky-bob-moses-1 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-2 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-3 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-4 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-5 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-6 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-7 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-8 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-9 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-10 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-11 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-12 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-13 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-14 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-15 bryan-lasky-bob-moses-16