Tash Sultana is taking North America by storm! Straight out of Down Under, The Melbourne multi-instrumentalist has sold out every single one of her shows of her first United States Tour. The tour kicked off in Boston at Cafe 939 at Berklee College of Music in a intimate 200 person capacity room. Tash got right into the swing of things and started the show right away by asking the sound engineers to “turn everything up, I am just going to dive into this”. Sultana makes full use of looping pedals and has quite the array on her pedal board. Dancing around barefoot, ripping guitar solos, pounding out beats on a drum machine, seamlessly looping and switching between her pedal effects, all of these things make it very clear that Tash is a one woman tour de force and just getting her feet wet.

After a few songs Tash sent apologies to the crowd for being so short and offered she could switch the vibe of the show and people could sit down so everyone could actually see her. When this part of the show arrived people calmly and quietly took to the floor to enjoy the show from a new vantage point. Love was in the air on this Valentine’s Day evening because people were crazy about the headliner and most people were showing up in twos, presumably couples. One of the stage hands was later revealed to be her father, which the crowd responded to with cheers and multiple people shouting “thank you!”. This was a very special show and the ticket price reflected that. Originally priced by the venue for 15 dollars, Stubhub had tickets for as much as $110. This was only the first stop of the tour and she well on her way to being a house hold name in America in no time. If past concerts are any indication of the trajectory of an artist who plays a show like this at Cafe 939, Tash is bound to blow up because Leon Bridges and Hozier both played this venue and went on to be hugely successful later in the same year.

Josh Cashman, another Aussie musician, opened up the night and wowed the crowd. He mentioned that he never had had jet lag before and was sleeping some 40 minutes before the show. But a coffee and some adrenaline got him right back in shape. He also makes full use of a looper and definitely made some new fans that night. He is opening for Tash on this tour and is capping it off with a showcase at SXSW in Austin later this year.
here are some videos because the pictures alone don’t do the show justice .

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