Tonight when Boys Noize takes the stage at the Mayan in LA, you’ll want to be in the crowd. Alexander Ridha has laid out an enviable career as an independent artist, reimagining tracks with elements of hip hop, house and beats that harken back to the grit and guts of early electronic sounds. But recently he’s been expanding his sonic library even further, working alongside Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Marijuana Deathsquads and The National’s Dessner brothers. These influences stick to the gills of an artist, and it’s going to be interesting to see where Ridha’s recent influences takes his performance. And if you’re an old school DJ who appreciates a beautiful remix, check out this stunner- Alex Ridha made an ultimate, deep cut Daft Punk tribute mixtape of Roulé & Crydamoure labels releases HERE on Soundcloud + YouTube HERE.

We’re at the show tonight and back here tomorrow with some exclusive behind the scenes photos and footage. Check back for the visuals and hit us up in the comments if you’re headed out tonight.