There was a crazy frightening panic at Glbal Citizen for a brief moment tonight in NYC. After terrorists attack in Las Vegas and Paris, concert goers are clearly shook. A full timeline can be found below, but before you read on, take a moment to ask yourself what we have to do as a society to eradicate senseless violence so we can all feel comfortable at a concert on a beautiful night again.

8:16 PM Janet Jackson has been welcomed to the stage. 2018 is a dystopian present, but we have music.

8:04 PM OK. We’re going to just say it. This is painful. A whole audience of people worked hard, donating their time and energy to do well for a world riddled with disease and injustice. Now they are being slowly tortured by having to listen to these people lecture in the least charismatic way. For the love of all things that are holy, for the good of mankind, in the interest of public health, PLAY SOME MUSIC.

7:59 PM Camren Bicondova seems to have been trotted out on stage to read a statement about healthcare she says she’s seeing for the first time right now. Back at home, there’s some head scratching about why exactly this show actually MUST go on.

7:49 PM UPDATE: A story is circulating that when a barrier fell at the rear of the open air concert, fans thought they heard gunshots. The festival is doing its best to calm people’s nerves and have returned to their livestream to urge people to stay calm and prepare for the show to go on.

7:42 PM UPDATE: OK This is getting BATSHIT CRAZY. After reassuring everyone that everything was totally OK in the most persuasive tone ever, a beautiful rendition of “A bridge over troubled water” was cut short by a South African accented man saying “I’m so sorry…”kill it”. The livestream is down again, and we can only imagine what the scene at Central Park looks like right now…

7:38 PM UPDATE: Apparently a barrier in the rear of the concert area fell. Chief Kathleen O’Reilly of NYPD reassured concertgoers that there was no attack. Chalk the nerves¬†up to 2018.

7:30 PM The livestream for Global Citizen abruptly stopped after screaming was heard from the audience in Central Park around 7:30PM. We are investigating the incident and will post a follow up if we hear any news. In the meantime if you know whats happening and are on-site, email us at

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