As this summer festival season winds down, we’re all catching the last drops of music’s sweet sonic nectar. Seattle went back to school in style with Bumbershoot , the Emerald City’s 46 year old festival featuring live music, comedy, theater, film, visual arts, dance performance, and general awesomeness. As expected, DMNDR rolled up to capture the spectacle and good vibes with our soulful shutterbugs who captured some stunning shots while sampling the musical stylings of Lewis Del Mar (shoutout Queens), Fetty Wap (shoutout trap queens), Tyler, The Creator, Chastity Belt, Father John Misty, Manatee Commune, Flatbush Zombies, Run The Jewels, JoJo and Pretty Lights, to name just a few standouts on day 1 & 2. And don’t forget to check this space for our coverage of day 3!

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//////////////////////                          DAY  TWO                                   //////////////////////  


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