Chadwick Stokes
You know the feeling you have when you’re about to see an old friend for the first time in ages? The questions that you ask yourself: will it be weird? Will it be just like old times? Has time and distance changed “us” ?

The air was filled with those feelings on Friday night before the lights dimmed for Chadwick Stokes @ the Bowery. The crowd brimmed with nervous anticipation,  but the moment our old buddy Chetro took the stage everything felt astonishingly familiar.

Stokes staples spilled into the audience, which served as the stand in chorus section throughout the evening. New songs made appearances, making us all wish Chad played our living rooms on his historic tour. At a moment in time when NYC felt more divided than I can remember,  Chetro brought us all together,  rallying around good vibes and a wonderful performance.