Glass Animals released one of our favorite LP’s of 2016 – How to Be a Human Being- a cogent, complete idea that honors and celebrates the integrity and specialness of a concept album with it’s well constructed solidness. We put this photo album together to pair the live show to the album listening experience, and encourage you to get out and catch a live show- check tour dates here– these guys are going to be near you soon and again, you need to catch this show live people!_mg_2490 _mg_2492 _mg_2503 _mg_2508 _mg_2533 _mg_2543  _mg_2610 _mg_2728 _mg_2748 _mg_2767 _mg_2780 _mg_2819 _mg_2830  _mg_2864 _mg_2867 _mg_2885 _mg_2908