There’s an interesting moment when you look around a venue and realize that one of your favorite artists has made strides. From Webster Hall in 2014 to three sold-out nights at Terminal 5 this year, Chet Faker is arguably one of the hardest-working independent artists in the game. Faker took a moment during his electric set on Saturday night to reminisce on his four-year journey. He thanked his fans for their unwavering support (his album is certified Platinum in his native Australia) before playing “No Diggity”, the song that first garnered him attention state side.

Faker continues his relentless tour with two more sold-out shows at Terminal 5 (with XXYYXX), a DJ Set at Output on Tuesday, and a bevy of festival tour dates this summer. Rest assured, our favorite Aussie has continued to grow organically with his fans, as they proved their allegiance by singing the words to every song

And for your viewing pleasure, some smooth moves by Mr. Faker.