Saturday night, we made our way into Rockwood Music Hall for Chris Bathgate’s set. Amongst a few dozen others, with drinks in hand, we eagerly waited for him to take the stage. When he did, he proceeded to play an intimate forty-five minute show that had the crowd fully immersed in the intricately crafted guitar loops, fervent lyrics, and overall slick musicianship. There was an aura of exclusivity to his set, as the droves of New Yorker’s walked right by the venue window, heads down, entirely unaware of what they were missing out on. And as the ‘tip the artists’ bucket was passed around, anxious not to miss a moment, everyone instinctively reached into their wallets, dropped in the first couple bills they could get a hand on, and continued to watch Bathgate mesmerize.

Here’s a short clip below and some photos above to get a sense of what you missed out on. Be sure to keep an eye out for news coming from Chris’ band, SKULLLS.