By: Heather Kaminker

“We’re pop artists, we’re proud of being pop artists, we want to carry that mantle but we want to do that in our own way. I think the musical landscape is shifting and pop is happening in all kinds of different genres and places in new and interesting ways,” said Max Hershenow, one-half of the New York based duo that comprises alternative/indie-pop band, MS MR.

Fresh off the success of their debut album Secondhand Rapture in 2013, MS MR did an incredible job keeping their distinct sound while making How Does It Feel (2015) feel fresh and exciting. The most interesting thing about MS MR is their ability to walk the line on multiple genres and intertwine them; their songs are catchy enough to be constituted as “pop” but not overly-formulated enough for radio play. The quote by Hershenow, who produced the album, proves that while it may be difficult for listeners to pinpoint exactly where MS MR falls on the musical spectrum, MS MR has a complete understanding of who they are.

How Does It Feel is a fantastic album. Every song is catchy without feeling predictable. It is clear that every moment of every song been accounted for and carefully paid attention to. Opening track “Painted,” gives the album an upbeat start with a vibe of confidence, naturally making you excited for what’s to come in the next 11 tracks. This leads into a personal favorite, “Criminals,” which showcases the impeccable range and pure talent of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger. The closing song of the album “All The Things Lost,” is most similar to MS MR’s first album, with a dark undertone that made me fondly remember why I became a fan of this band in the first place.

How Does It Feel as a whole is an album you can listen to over and over again while discovering something new each time. Listen and let the music speak for itself.