Cold Fronts played Warsaw in Brooklyn on Friday night, and Andreina Valazquez was there to capture the show. The Phillie-based indie rockers returned to NY where the original members Craig Almquist and Jake Hammell first met. The duo have been making music that melds some classic indie sounds with approachable compositions that combine to make for a sound as infectious as pop without the high fructose content. If you’re new to these guys, “Buschleague” is a great way to summarize their sound in one song, what with its combination of drums, power chords, solos, and highly chantable chorus. But don’t stop there- check out “Jackie” before you drop into “Radio” for a guitar lick that will stick to your brain ribs and  a chorus you can listen to ev-ver-ree-dahhhyy. After that you might as well pore over the rest of their catalog- you;re already 3 songs into the discography- keep going while you review Andreina’s photo gallery and check out the last 5 shows of their tour here, including a show tonight in DC and tomorrow night in Boston.



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