On tour in support of their upcoming album, L.A. Divine, the Cold War Kids brought the much desired heat to the sold-out Riviera Theatre. The crowd packed into the iconic Chicago Theater before the opening act, Middle Kids. The lights dimmed and you heard a faint hint of feedback as the Middle Kids rocked the stage while warming up the crowd. Less than an hour later and the stage dimmed to black while the fans ran to grab one last drink before the much anticipated Cold War Kids.
BOOM! Nathan Willett, Matt Maust and David Quon take the front stage with mesmerizing energy while Matthew Schwartz and Joe Plummer bring the well-oiled machine together in perfect synchronicity. The floor is shaking and the crowd screaming in a methodic chant as classics such as “Hang Me Up To Dry” and “Hospital Beds” echo throughout the venue. More than an hour later and the veteran indie rock band from Long Beach, California are exclaiming their love for the fans and the City of Chicago as they close out their set. Stage lights dim, venue lights flicker on and those last few hours are forever remembered by all.cold-war-kids-crombleholme-1-5 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-2-3 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-3-2 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-4-1 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-5-10 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-6-4 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-7-6 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-8-8 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-9-7 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-10-11 cold-war-kids-crombleholme-11-9