The Truck Tavern in Ballard, WA, never fails to disappoint a music lover with their eclectic gigs and patrons. I showed up to see C.W. Stoneking and was happy that I did.

Oftentimes I have an idea of a group and what I think they will be like prior to actually seeing them live. I’d heard his music but that is about it. It was a pleasant surprise to see this group. Outwardly they were very cohesive and their eccentric appearances lent itself to the style of the group. When Stoneking opened his mouth to talk to the crowd, I expected an Australian accent yet what came out was pure southern drawl. The slow deliberate kind. This segued into a musical experience that felt like I had stepped back in time. A mixture of old school blues with touches of whimsy that is similar to the B-52’s. That mixture created the perfect cocktail in songs like “Good Luck Charm.”
Music is about the senses and Stoneking delivered with the panache of an experienced artist who clearly knows how to entertain.
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