Call it psychedelic folk rock, desert psychedelia, gospel rock, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the latest album, Patsy, released by Sedona band decker. simply rocks. It rocks real hard. And last night, I was lucky enough to catch the band take to the small stage at Rockwood Music Hall, so they could give us a taste of just how much Patsy does rock.

Decker. is a band with a rich history, much of which frontman Brandon Decker is not afraid to tell you, was often arduous and depressing. Give it a quick Google search, it is worth your time. That has not stopped them however, from playing well over 600 gigs into their sixth year of touring. This is a band that will continue to make music no matter what kind of obstacles this crazy world throws their way. Patsy is a perfect personification of decker. as a whole. It’s honest, atmospheric, and dark, speaking of strength, weakness, and grappling with the inevitable struggles in ones life.

I guess what I’m saying is, decker. stems from equal parts folk, psychedelia and gospel, and it’s all grounded in the power of good ol’ rock n’ roll. By the end of the set, it feels as though you’ve traveled with the band through the desert from which this music is inspired. The heart-pounding foot stomps, leading into the droning guitar jams, all come together for a killer performance from a band I’m sure we will see plenty more from.