Around midnight the slow start of Deorro’s signature hit “Five Hours” began to echo throughout the venue. Fans, who had been raging since 8 PM, showed no signs of stopping in anticipation of Deorro finally jumping on the decks. Fans of Deorro identify with his Panda Funk movement, which is all about spreading kindness and helping others. This show was especially meaningful for the Panda Funk family since it was one of their rare home shows. Fans and artists alike celebrated and danced the night away as a giant family. About halfway through his set, two of his openers ZooFunktion and Dirty Audio joined him on stage making it a true Panda Funk party. Deorro and Dirty Audio teased the crowd with an unreleased collaboration, which received an overwhelming approval from their fans. Recently, Deorro has hinted to new tracks being released in the new few months on Twitter.

Earlier last year, Deorro slowed down and took a break from tour to focus on his family, producing, and record label. However after this show, Deorro seemed to be back in the swing of things delivering a killer set till 2 AM.