PSA: Punk is not dead. Step back in time with me for a second: Its 2004, I’m about 14 years old, wearing my tight jeans, odd color Chuck Taylors, checkered laces, and a band tee. I bought the Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 (Yes, good ole George W’a Bush) album at my local music store. I thought I was a badass punk rebel/activist, but if we’re being honest, I was just an angry-for-nothing youth. This album was full of in your face punk rock… right up my alley. Track 11, The Descendents’ “Sad State of Affairs,” absolutely blew my mind.

The Descendents formed back in 1977. They have had a few years apart here and there, but man can these old bastards rock. I first saw them in 2013 at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and they brought goosebumps to my younger years. They have made numerous studio albums and played major festivals, while all in their 40s! Theres no doubt these guys shaped my music tastes. They were part of my generation’s “New Punk Era,” complete with spiked hair, denim vests with patches, leather boots, etc. You may have seen their album artwork from “Everything Sucks,” where they sing about everyday bull shit and being angry with little reason. It resonated with everyone, myself included. I’m not sure how long they will continue to tour, but I’m definitely glad I got to see them when I did.

Riverboat Gamblers opened up for The Descendents, and holy shit. They formed back in 1997 in Denton, Texas, but they now reside in Austin. These guys have that classic punk sound we all crave. They got their big break while touring with Flogging Molly in 2005, but for some reason they never really made a huge wave, which greatly disappoints me. Nevertheless, I can see why The Descendents chose them as an opener.


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