DMA’s, the Australian rockers, pulled into Albany’s The Hollow this past weekend and though they seemed to be a little low on energy the music was fantastic. I’m sure they may be tired of being compared to Oasis, but they sound similar to them, which isn’t a bad thing. If the band can capture lightning in a bottle with more songs like “Lay Down,” they could really find a gigantic audience here in the states. The band was tremendous behind the echoing vocals of Tommy O’Dell and really showed off what they could do during a seven minute jam that went from very dark and spacey before turning into an all-out rocker as the next song started.

Based out of Philadelphia, Cold Fronts came onto the stage as the middle act and had enough energy for 10 bands. The members of the band went into the crowd, bounced all over the stage, leaned on one another, and jumped off their amps. There was a constant onslaught of music that though looked sloppy was anything but. The band felt like they were out of the West Coast much more than Philly based on their vibe and sound, but maybe more music like this is coming out of the city. The band could definitely tear the roof down in a room if surrounded by the right crowd.

Kingston, NY’s Of The Atlas started the evening and the four piece band sounded much tighter than the last time they were in the region at Upstate Concert Hall. With a new album coming out in mid-April, it seems they have been practicing and improving their sound. A couple of the songs they played were off the new record and they are far more radio friendly and catchier than their older stuff, which isn’t a bad thing but shows them maturing as a band.