This is a traditional music blog. But these are troubled times, and as artists the DMNDR community felt obligated to document perhaps the largest global demonstration ever. We did not document the Women’s March simply to demonstrate our disdain for division and derision, but also to make clear that “alternate facts” are not facts at all, but rather lies. We offer our own photographic document as testament to a global movement that will not suffer indignity from their sofas, but rather raise their voices and take to the streets to right the wrong. We offer the antidote to hate, and welcome you to join us.


The following photos were all taken by DMNDR photographers throughout the US. We hope you’ll take a moment and consider the breadth of this global movement.





From Kiko in Seattle:

I don’t normally get too political with people I don’t know, and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance I don’t know you. Don’t get me wrong, the news recently, the Facebook debates, and the posturing and lying had really gotten me down. It had me rethinking many of my bone deep philosophies about human nature and what that means for our collective future. But walking yesterday with some 150,000 other Seattleites made me think it necessary to crack open the sternum and just put it on the table. To not do so would hurt just a little bit more.


If you watch the news, no matter the flavor, there’s some sad stuff going down. A lot of it is real and I won’t deny it’s importance nor the required vigilance we must all maintain to prevent what was previously assumed to be unthinkable. But sadness and violence is not what I saw yesterday. I saw and spoke with older women, eyes watering, at the collective display of love and empathy. I saw younger kids with eyes full of an as yet undimmed hope. Men, eager to let the light shine on those who perhaps are more accustomed to the shadows. And yes a few thorny contrarians with signs that didn’t necessarily align with most on the march. Like the one guy with a big sign telling us we were all sinners and were all going to hell. You know the guy right? But even he was welcomed. Mostly with indifference but sometimes with hugs.
I guess the next time I get too deep into the online bullshit and madness, I’m going to have to force myself to turn it off, walk across the street, and actually talk to someone who looks a little different than me. And pet that dog tied up outside Murphy’s Pub. He’s always chill.

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