DMNDR started out of frustration with the shoddy, click bait, psuedo-community nonsense that gets pumped out all over the internet. We felt starved for something real and beautiful, so we decided to make it ourselves. When The Connection Movement approached us about helping produce a teaser, mini doc and offer our community’s support for an enormous, global Eye Gazing experiment to facilitate human connection, we did not hesitate to say yes.

Human Connection is endangered. Many of us feel increasingly, frighteningly disconnected from ourselves and others. There’s nothing we can do about this except buy more shiny new things and arm ourselves to the teeth, anxiously awaiting some kind of apocalypse (not the really lame one that we just barely “survived“).

Or… we can stare into stranger’s eyes for just one minute. Wait. Hear us out here. There’s something to this – It’s not just commercially engineered marketing dribble like pomegranate quinoa ice cream or some newfangled urban hot/cold yoga that actually has nothing to do with yoga.

Just gazing into a stranger’s eyes is a deeply connecting, powerful thing. So The Liberators would like for you, and your friends, and all of us, to participate in the largest Eye Gazing Experiment in the world to prove the thesis. If you’re in NYC, you can participate by visiting THE CONNECTION MOVEMENT, who has partnered with DMNDR to pull off a pretty ambitious and beautiful experiment here on our home turf. If you’re outside of NYC, there are probably experiments nearby in one of the many participating cities.

We love this concept so much even made this teaser for the event featuring the music of Mark U, who himself is an amazing person and musician and therefore the perfect sonic compliment to this project. (Disclosure – Mark U is a DMNDR artist and we love him). If you like the song, or just want to speak about the experiment, PLEASE HIT THE LIGHTNING BOLT BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE VIDEO AND “CLAP”. From there you can leave a comment with a hashtag and start your own thread. We’d love to hear what you think, but remember- we’re not YouTube- leave your bad vibes there where they belong.

People…it’s time to reconnect. This experiment takes (literally) a minute of your time and connects you with yourself, a stranger, and over 100,000 people all around the world who are participating. This Thursday at 5 PM join DMNDR, THE CONNECTION MOVEMENT, and THE LIBERATORS in this epic experiment. Head over to and RSVP.

After the experiment is over you can STAY CONNECTED at the official NYC afterparty – Just  register for the Eye Gazing experiment  to get the party invite and day-of event details so you can participate in all the goodness.