Last night Dotan played his first ever New York show, but you would have never believed that. Mercury Lounge was packed with a buzzing crowd eager to see this singer/songwriter from Amsterdam. From the moment Dotan took the stage with his drumsticks, the energy exploded. Backed by lush vocals from his five-member crew, Dotan’s powerful voice soared around the room and made it seem as if we were all outside on some echoing mountain top rather than a crowded room. I had been listening to 7 Layers a lot this week but the live show adds so many new elements. Dotan’s songwriting is honest and heartfelt and he passionately shared his music with us, some standouts being “Ghost” and “Let the River In”. They ended the night with the wonderful “Home” to much delight; the crowd sang their hearts out and clapped along, smiles all around.
This may have been your first night in New York, Dotan, but you have definitely found a home here. Make sure to come back soon!