Gili Yalo turned the courtyard of the Skirball Museum into one of LA’s best parties on Thursday
night. Closing out the Summer Concert Series’ 2018 season Yalo embodies the institution’s commitment
to community and diversity. Creating danceable protest music by drawing from his experiences as an
Ethiopian Jew, his upbeat music is filled with big, brassy hooks and a hearty dose of soul. After escaping
a famine devastating Sudan, Yalo’s family moved to Israel, where he experienced discrimination due to
his African heritage. Despite a backstory filled with turmoil, his music is bright and colorful. Yalo flaunts
his roots and is all the better for it. Singing in both English and Amharic, the music transcends linguistic
barriers. A mix of funky soulful rhythm matches his energetic stage personality and playful sense of
fashion. Gili Yalo is an absolute delight, and a fantastic closer to this wonderful summer event.


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