In only their third show in Boston in 15 years Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz made sure this one was very special. Before the festivities even began the lines of people waiting to get into Boston’s Blue Hills Bank Pavilion were subjected to torrential downpours and were told to search shelter due to high winds until the storm passed. Complete with Thunder and lighting the atmosphere quickly felt like the second verse of the “Clint Eastwood” music video. Soon after the rain started rivers were flowing through the aisles of the venue as people made it to their sets and the got to listen to Vince Staples open with offerings off his latest album “Big Fish Theory”. This was rather fitting because everyone was surrounded by flowing water. Seats on the edges of the tent were drenched in rain water, dedicated fans and Gorillaz cosplayers saw their hair dye and make up run but no one seemed to have their fun ruined by the passing storm.

Damon Albarn and crew took to the stage and performed “Ascension” with Vince Staples off their new album “Humanz”. This was the perfect tone setter and place holder between opening act and headlining band. The Virtual Band members, 2-D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle, showed up on screen behind Albarn and they were up to their usual shenanigans. Once they band started to hit its stride with songs like “Saturn Barz” and “Tomorrow Comes Today” Albarn Switched gears to bring out a special and local guest Carly Simon. The “You’re So Vein” singer made the trip from her Martha’s Vinyard home to help perform “Ticker Tape” off the new record. It was unexpected but a very welcome experience none the less. Gorillaz have been in heavy rotation for me personally since their debut back in 2001 and finally getting to see their show live was like a musical weight off my shoulders, even if I could only take pictures from the soundboard.


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