If there ever is an example of music bringing people together. It’s Damian “Jr. Gong”Marley. He has brought the sounds of his new album to the halls of New York’s Irving Plaza.Concert goers of all kinds filled the venue with excitement and anticipation as they awaited Damian Marley. First to arrive was Kabaka Pryamid, who’s smooth beats and infectious lyricismgot the crowd worked up to hear more music of Jamaica’s offerings.Soon to follow was Damian Marley, who commanded the venue as soon as he walked upon the stage. With him was his live band and a gentleman waving a huge Rastafarian flag to showcase the connection to the culture that Damian Marley invokes with his melodies.Marley continued to entertain the crowd with politically charged lyricism over energetic rhythms. After a lengthy set one could still only desire to want more from Marley. After he left the crowd continued to call his name screaming out a desire for an encore. To the behest of the audience’s efforts. He happy obliged and sang some of the other cuts of his new album. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley’s showing at Irving Plaza gave light to a strong message for the future coupled with sweet melodies for the audiences ears to take in.

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