Coming off a sold out solo tour of the U.S., Jens Lekman announced another run of North American headline dates for February and March. During these shows Jens Lekman will not only be playing new material but touring with a full band.


I’m posted up at the Metro in Chicago as the crowd warmly welcomes Lisa/Liza. The venue is continuing to fill while heads nod in conjunction to the lo-fi, psych-folk project. A few songs in and you couldn’t help but see the awkward yet cute stage presence. I do look forward to seeing how Lisa/Liza continues to grow.


The Swedish guitarist, Jens Lekman, takes the stage with a beautiful aura and continues this feeling opening with “To Know Your Mission.” The venue is now filled to capacity with smiles across the room. You feel Jens Lekman’s witty, romantic lyrics take ahold of the entire crowd as they begin to dance to the beautiful drumless intro of “What’s That Perfume That you Wear?” Similar folksy story-telling as Belle and Sebastian, Jens Lenkman use of samples and strings are a grand combination.


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