-Start by Listening to “Same Old Lie” while you glide through this photo review. This tune could not be released at a more appropriate time.

-Last night, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James kicked off his Eternally Even tour in support of his new album of the same name.

-This was the first night of the tour and we’re already declaring the tour a complete victory.

-Check out the rest of the tour dates here.

-This was a Jim James show, but if you haven’t heard My Morning Jacket’s latest release” Magic Bullet“, click that link and give a listen to the new single released November 11th.

Back to Jim James…
-The show took place at Boston’s Royale nightclub and the second show of the tour takes place there as well.
-Opener, Twin Limb, set the tone of the evening with a low and slow atmosphere but then proceeded to morph magically into Jim James’ backing band. These cats are taking direct support to unprecedented levels…
-This was a welcome surprise because the audience was treated to seeing their music as well as Jim James’ new solo material. If you’re not hip to Twin Limb, start with this track:

-Jim James sounded astonishingly good. For a band that was thrown together for this tour and playing music they didn’t write the synchronicity was shocking. We want to see more of this.

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