At the risk of creating more noise when our ears are already filled with more politics than music in this run up to November 8th, I’ll offer that Kaleo is a border blurring, boundary defying, anti-establishment band. Let me explain.

Kaleo is a merry band of Icelandic gentlemen by the names of Jökull, Davíð, Daníel and Rubin.  They learned to speak English as wee children and somewhere along the way learned to make music that, arguably, is a perfect personification of one of the US’s greatest exports. They’re that blend of bluesy – rock and rolly – crooning that we’ve been shipping overseas since the first batch of vinyl left US shores for eager ears around the world. These guys talked about their travels around 47 of our 50 states.  47! I’d have to guess that’s more state lines crossed than the majority of the US population. They talked about drinking whiskey in New Orleans, eating fast food in Kansas and Taco Tuesday in Austin, TX.

Made me think of this shrinking orb we call Earth and what we can create together as aliens living on it when we can easily get together and drink whiskey, chomp on fries and share a couple of tacos. And hopefully, make some music along the way.

Listen to Kaleo and cruise through the photo gallery below…

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