Chopper bikes, tattoos and sticky floors: all the prime ingredients for a show with LadyKiller, a shirtless hard rock trio, who performed at The Lost Well on Saturday night.

Before their show, I had the opportunity to hang out with them at their garage filled with bikes, bike parts, and engine blocks. While drinking cheap beer, listening to country and smoking cigarettes, the band began to pack the bass player’s 1970s Chevy van, lovingly dubbed the Whiskey Wagon).  Topping the engine off with oil, the van just barely turned over, but through it’s exhaustive hacks and coughs, we headed downtown to the friendly neighborhood biker bar.

Upon walking up on a crowd of cheap-beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking biker babes and dudes, I expected to hear metal music that would melt my face and be unlistenable.  On the contrary, after grabbing a cheap taco from the food truck out front and passing a sea of motorcycles, I entered the bar, located conveniently on East 7th in downtown Austin, where the music was not only tolerable, but listenable and damn enjoyable.

I guess I did have my face melted a bit; when LadyKiller banged out that first whamalicious chord, I was slammed with a taste of kick ass classic rock.  They had lyrics you could understand, guitar riffs that didn’t carry that whole “tune lower, play slower” mentality, technical, audible bass lines and powerful, driving drum rolls.  I could hear that classic 60s-80s inspired riffs and sound booming from the speakers.  It was like stepping back in time without stepping back in style; Ladykiller live, well, kills it.

If you’re looking for that awesome classic rock sound with all of the talent sans the headache, definitely check out LadyKiller. Don’t worry about the intimidating crowd; they don’t have a bark or a bite.  They are friendly AF and will shoot the shit with you all night long. Currently, Ladykiller is revving their engines and making headway on their second studio album.  You can find out more at or on Facebook and Instagram at LadyKiller69Band.

J.K. Simmonds is our newest Satellite from ATX! Look out for more of his work as he digs into the Austin music scene and continues to take you behind the scenes.