Have you heard of Lewis Del Mar yet? If not, you should listen to their EP…like, right now. They are my new favorite sound and they are only getting better.

Last October I was catching a bunch of CMJ shows and I accidentally found myself at Brooklyn Bowl for Lewis Del Mar’s set. From the minute they started playing I knew they were going to be something — they had this awesome funk/rock vibe that I needed in my life. (I remember texting Damian right away to check if they were on his radar.) After their set I desperately tried to find their music online which didn’t exist yet! Since that time, they have exploded.

Last night’s show at Bowery Ballroom was one of my favorite shows of recent times. I find it is always a special night when a band plays their home city (these guys are from out in the Rockaways). You could really feel the love on stage and in the room – it was packed with eager new fans as well as all of the family and friends that have been supporting them since the get go.

I have to say that in the past 6 months this crew has gotten even tighter — which is saying a lot because they totally rocked CMJ. They played a bunch of songs from their new album which will be releasing (HOPEFULLY!) soon. The new tracks are very diverse and rich, I can’t wait to give them repeated listens on the subway.

They are moving very quickly onto big things and I am so excited to watch their journey, and hopefully catch many more of their shows in the future. You guys have my heart right now — keep it up!

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