The Bowery Ballroom was the place to be on the night of October 29th. The venue was hosting the Oslo native producer, Lido, with opening act Tunji Ige. Tunji Ige, a rapper that I personally love ever since I stumbled upon his song “Day2Day” on soundcloud, swaggered on to stage with the confidence that screams “Y’all gonna love my shit.” And for an opening act and a crowd that seemed like they didn’t really listen to the young rapper, he certainly left the stage with more fans than when he walked on.

But as every show goes, people were there for the headliner. Lido. With an absolutely amazing light show and even better songs, you would be lying if you said that you didn’t have an absolutely amazing time at this show. But these two things were to be expected of an artist like Lido. What truly made his set great was that you never felt that Lido was some celebrity musician that was out of your reach. It seemed that he could easily transition from being the musician that you paid money to see and hopefully fanboy/fangirl over, to that really cool random guy that you strike up conversation with at the bar. In between songs he would talk to the crowd in such a way that said “I’m grateful to be here and I’ll always be grateful to be in front of fans.” A real down to earth kind of personality, ya know?

He also wanted it to be known that his show is not an EDM show, saying that he “wasn’t gonna tell you what to do or how to move. Just do what you want.” Whether that meant making out with your date or even the random hottie next to you, to getting more lit than a campfire at a boys scout trip. Half way during his set he brought out Santell, the singer that he has recently released an R&B project with to bless the crowd with a sexier vibe than the previously turnt one. A vibe that was definitely well received. He finished his set with a grand surprise for the audience. A secret song that has not even been talked about. A banger featuring the one and only Jaden Smith, who came onto the stage to perform. Pretty much one of the most powerhouse ending performances an artist can do. If you haven’t already heard of Tunji Ige and Lido then I strongly recommend putting those names in your google search and start getting to know about them.