Minus the Bear are currently on their farewell tour and did their first of two Boston shows at The Paradise Rock Club this past week. The venue was filled to absolute capacity and everybody was hanging on to each note of the evening. While it’s sad to see them go, the entire set was flawless and at least one song from every one of their albums was played. Of course Highly Refined Pirates saw the most action, with about a quarter of the night’s 25 songs played. The five song encore put a great cap on the evening. Caspian, locals made good in the music business over the past decade and a half, opened the show with an all out sonic blast. Their mix of psychedelia, metal, and rock, while the opposite of what Minus the Bear bring to the table, was a perfect opener for the show. If you can catch this tour before it’s over do not miss the double bill and especially your last chance to see Minus the Bear