On a rainy cold Fall Monday night, three bands packed in to Brighton Music Hall and brought a lot of noise with them. Even those wearing ear plugs thought that it was loud in the room that night. The drumming duo Rattle started the night off. Hailing from Nottingham, Katharine Eira Brown & Theresa Wrigley weaved wild drum patterns and a smattering of vocals into a droning sound to get easily lost in. Their set was short but sweet and should be on your radar immediately.

Following them were Detroit punks Protomartyr. They aren’t a traditional group of punks either, incorporating indie and far darker vibes than most punk artists usually do. Front-man Joe Casey tore through a number of beers during the set while singing and screaming the lyrics to the crowd. The rest of the band didn’t let up the music for a moment. Joe’s asides between songs to the audience were hilarious as well. About half way through the set Joe asked for the disco ball to be turned on and the show became a discotheque out of the 70s for a song.

Closing the night was Preoccupations. Another group of punks that is just far more than that. There was very little wasted time during the set and music was pumped from the stage. Matt Flegel joked from the stage that the music had just gone down hill all night from the highs of Rattle and Protomartyr to what we were all seeing now. Obviously this wasn’t true, but you couldn’t really but one band ahead of another all night. Preoccupations ended their set was a wild noisey jam that eventually led to the throwing of a guitar, the drums kicked over, and all of the delays, loops, and pedals pressed into a sea of feedback.