I’m sitting at work, doing my normal designing shit, editing photos, and my cube mate yells, THE TOADIES. Scared me shitless. She was stoked that they were coming to town, while her family was visiting from Cali. I said, yup, ok, I’ll photograph it. Since I work in marketing, and she works in HR, I thought this could be a risky move, but I said fuck it.

So Friday night, at EMOs here in Austin The Toadies were headlining, but they weren’t going on until 10:45. My coworker lives around the corner from the venue, so I went over and had a few pregame drinks with her and the family. Her cousin, whos has we were at, her husband is big in the music industry and tours the country help managing many bands and meeting some amazing people. Such a small world!

We casually walked over to EMOs and noticed a car, someones car who I do not have good standing with, the ex. I knew this time would come but not so soon. We walked in and of course shes there, but I am there doing what I love and with passion, photographing live music, and I had smug walk about me as I walked past her.

You probably don’t know The Toadies by name, but you do know that one song, Possum Kingdom. In my opinion they helped shape the grunge scene of the late 90s. And holy shit have they aged… That said, it didn’t stop them from rocking the fuck out! One of the best shows so far this year I’ve been able to attend, and I think the photos speak for themselves. They are still on tour, and its one of those bands you must see soon, because they might be out of commission soon.

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