Having seen the album release show for Courtney Barnett’s latest album Tell Me How You Really Feel, it’s great to see her a few months later to hear how the songs have evolved in the live setting. Her band mates Bones Sloane and Dave Mudie on bass and drums respectively have been her back bone since 2013. Katie Harkin was added to the band this cycle to help out on guitar as well as keys and has opened up Courtney’s catalog to more musical exploration. “Small Poppies” now has an extended jam in the middle that lets the band flex their muscles and by the song’s end Courtney has the crowd completely riled up. “I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch” is an absolute onslaught of noise from the foursome, as is the set closing “History Eraser”. The band is winding down for the year and Courtney’s voice was a little hoarse, but that didn’t slow her fingers down on the guitar. Opener Waxahatchee played a great solo set to open the night and then joined Barnett for  a cover of Elyse Weinberg’s “Houses”. Courtney’s last couple of years has seen her all over the place promoting the record she made with Kurt Vile and then her latest solo record and deserves whatever break may be coming to her after her Australia tour next February.