Packed full of teens and parents acting as chaperones, Logic and Dizzy Wright sold out Stubbs BBQ in Austin just a week after SXSW. Austin really owns the title of “Live Music Capital of the World” just because even after one of the worlds largest week long music fests, shows are still selling out. Logic — while selling out large stadiums across the country, seeing him and Dizzy live at Stubbs made it a more intimate show for concert goers.

Dizzy Wright took the stage with full force and a live band to rap over. Fun fact: his uncle is Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony — I can see where he gets his talents from. With two albums out (rumored third on the way), and being a featured artist on numerous mixtapes and tracks, seeing him live doing his own thing was a rad to see. Coming close to making on the top 40 charts, with the release of his upcoming album it’d be hard to not see him finally make it.

With a countdown from 15 on a giant screen, out popped Logic in his full space suit which directly relates to his newest albums theme, “Outer Space” from his latest The Incredible True Story. The numerous flight coats worn by many in the crowd finally started making sense. With over 1,500 songs mostly never heard before, and two record breaking albums I can see the notoriety he deserves. His debut album “Under Pressure” was an album full of hate for his absent father and the rough childhood he had growing up. But with his latest album, Incredible True Story, his tone has switched from rapping about his troubled past to nerdy topics such as writing during Tarantino films, gaming and space. I can see why this is appealing to the younger crowd, as he is only 25 himself, his latest album is full of inspiration for the young to aspire to. After abusing weed and alcohol he has switched his life around and to becoming the ideal model figure for the younger generation, which I respect a lot.

Waiting for a new album to come out, I can’t see how his next one won’t be  Grammy nom worthy. Since he is selling out stadiums country wide, get your ticket soon and see him before its too late. If you’re looking for words about inspiration over his own produced beats, Logic is an artist for you.