I couldn’t think of a better way to embrace the lingering 80 degree summer mentality in DC than attend the Magic City Hippies show at Blackcat on Saturday night. It was clear after frontman Robby Hunter broke a guitar string during the first song that the amount of energy on stage was uncontrollable and that these guys were here to party (beer chugging and dancing was wildly encouraged).

The warmth emanating from their breezy funk and hip-hop fusion was the kind of infectious that brought everything from salsa dancing to what I can only describe as ‘interpretative dancing’ to the floor.  It was a powerful moment when the high energy and positive vibes from such a strong stage presence was matched by an enthusiastic crowd dancing moves I didn’t even know existed.

Hunter promised a new album soon, but kept the audience’s attention with favorites like “Fanfare”, “HUSH”, “Brnt”, and “Bullride”mch-5 mch-6 mch-7 mch-8 mch-9 mch-10 mch-11 mch-12 mch-13 mch-14 mch-15 mch-16 mch-17 mch-18 mch