Full disclosure: I have a mad crush on Maszer. The first time I heard their music, that ancestral percussion hooked me and the unadulterated rock and roll kept me coming back for more. As I went to more shows and got to know them a bit better, I saw more than their musical coherence and creativity and got to know them as some of the kindest, smartest, most diverse group of artists I’ve met in some time. But back to the music. Maybe it’s the call and response, maybe it’s the Hebrew peppered in, hell maybe it’s the Scheherezadesque stories that keep you wanting more, but each time I go to see them play, the tickets are harder and harder to come by, the fans more and more rabid. To say they make the ground shake is no overstatement. Overheard someone saying they’d been in the basement below the venue during the show and felt the urgent need to vacate before the floor and the whole cacophonous celebration above came crashing down to meet them. Take it from a serial procrastinator when I say that when they come to your town, and they will come to your town, buy your tickets as soon as you can. And a few for your friends if you’d like them to remain friends for long.

Soon after Maszer coaxed our collective consciousness into the ether, Thunderpussy came out to the whoops of every man, woman and at least one manchild. Theirs is a performance in every sense of the word. Molly, the lead singer somehow manages to croon, scream, lock eyes with every fan, perform a Cirque contortion and whip her locks before the first chorus. Whitney, the lead guitarist, channels her inner Janis in her very vocal guitar which she lovingly abuses to the point that after one particularly animated ender, she chuckled that she thought she’d finally broke it. Leah, on bass, punctuates the conversation with emojis and exclamations. And Ruby, the sweet mannered drummer releases the Kraken once those drumsticks are in her hands. Their show is an ode to feminism if feminism is that kick ass older sister that pulls you out of class to play hooky and go to your first concert. I highly recommend you just drop that number two pencil and go.