If you are ever feeling glum I highly recommend that you go to a Matt and Kim show. Seriously, you will leave with a huge smile on your face (and no voice). Last night Matt and Kim returned to their home turf of Brooklyn after a long absence to play Music Hall of Williamsburg and they were welcomed home with open arms. They burst out onto the stage and immediately the room went wild. It was one, big, happy family celebrating and dancing together.

You could tell that Matt and Kim were in their element — this is what they are meant to do. Their energy didn’t seem to waver at all as they wildly performed their set, smiling and laughing the whole way through. There was crowd surfing, a dance break with Kim channeling Beyoncé, and people crashing the stage. At one point Kim stepped out into the crowd, hoisted up by a sea of arms before throwing her shoes into the crowd. Matt and Kim have been making music for over 10 years and they’ve still got it. Their fans are hungry for it.

It was a wonderful party — I am still finding confetti in my bags! Matt and Kim, I’ll have what you’re having.