Descending the steps to Webster Hall’s Studio is always an experience. You can hear the muffled sound of the band playing but you can never tell what the room looks like. This past Saturday, Columbus, Ohio natives Mount Carmel had the entire room head banging and playing air guitar.

It was possibly one of my favorite experiences down in Webster Hall’s Studio. I’ve been there with the room packed to the max and had a horrible time. With some room to breathe and enough dance floor to move around, the crowd had nothing but love to give to James McCain (Drums), Matthew Reed (Guitar/Vox), & Nick Tolford (Bass/Vox).

The intimate crowd loved Reed’s solos which were as technical as they were bluesy. Tolford showed off beautiful technicality and groove of his own, as McCain stayed in the pocket for the entirety of their set. The audience was the fourth member of the band as they sang along and made the these Ohioans feel right at home. Stay tuned for great things to come this year as they prepare to release their 4th LP.

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