Every once in awhile a band that fully embraces the 90’s comes along and gives us something familiar, but new. This sound is pleasantly confusing- part of you feels like you’re experiencing Deja Vu and some other, more logical part assures you that this is actually something new happening, something fresh. Very Fresh, even. And such is the case with Very Fresh, the latest project from Cindy Lou Gooden, who started  Babement, the all-female Pavement cover band, and toured with Kino Kimino (Sonic Youth) + Leapling. Those are bonafide ’90’s credentials right there, and the kind of pedigree that is audibly present in her recordings.

Very Fresh released “Hat Tree” last week, which is a great single, but we’re still particularly drawn to “Pale Lips”, a moody piece with a stripped down, female-fronted-less noisy-Nirvana feel. Cindy Lou Gooden is doing something worth paying attention to- so listen to the two tracks below and check her out 11/13 @ Shea Stadium. Also look out for the  5 song Hey, It’s Me! EP dropping on Nov 4.