Strong Island. We’re not even being ironic. We ventured out into the infamously haunted Amityville, Long Island to catch Nonstop To Cairo, and had our wig split back. TK the Architect opened with a soulful salute to hip hop over live instrumentation that was more buttoned up than Mary Poppins on a cold December day. By the way- we’ll be circling back with more from those guys soon as their much anticipated LP release approaches.

Then Nonstop takes the stage and immediately breaks into what appears to be their personal war against mundanity. It’s an acoustic speedball. Pupils dilate. Ears open. The place gets packed and the building starts to bounce. This is Long Island? Nah, Strong Island. New Jersey might be losing the race for second place. I dunno. check it out yourself below in DMNDR’s debut “Live D+SCVR” of Nonstop showing no signs of stopping.