You’ve got to hand it to Brooklyn’s Northside Festival; with each passing year, it seems to double in diversity and scope of vision. Billed as a celebration of innovation and discovery, the eight-day festival now spans across two dozen venues, showcasing nearly five hundred bands and artists, and includes countless lectures, product demos, and parties. It feels distinctly New York in its spiritual schizophrenia and duality, ping-ponging between the indie/avant-garde and good-naturered corporate start-ups, all still relatively unknown but fighting the good fight out of obscurity. It is this get-it-done tenacity and steady growth that defines Northside, and DMNDR had a blast exploring the music expo that made landfall in our backyard. We look forward to seeing how it adjusts and continues to grow in the years to come.

Check out some photos from DMNDR’s field team of Jason Wien and Benham Jones, including snaps of new-comers, reunited classics, and the truly immortal.