Ratatat took to Webster Hall fresh off the release of Magnifique to a sold out audience. If you’re a music purist, you might have thought their electronic sound was the result of what some derisively describe as “button pushing”. But as it turns out, that opinion would make you an uninformed asshole. Not the biggest uninformed asshole, mind you, because Donald J. Trump holds that title and you simply can not touch his level of epic assholeness. Not even you, Ted Cruz (who I’m sure reads this blog every morning after devouring “The Teabag Times”).

OK. Let DMNDR school you. These Ratatat guys play instruments. Drums, keys, guitars, and bass. They play them loud and gnarly, and they play them while freakin’ laser beams shoot all over the place. All over the place. The crowd loses their shit and just when they think it can’t get any better, a huge screen behind them plays lions roaring. Lions. Cue the smoke machine and more freakin’ lasers. Gnarly.

In order to get the best view of Ratatat, you’ll have to fight the urge to be up close and personal. You want to be as far back as possible to really appreciate the mastery of their show. Between the two 3D glass panes projecting all sorts of trippiness, and the sea of lasers, these guys all but hope you’re jamming out from the back of the room. Check out the photos and following gifs to get a better idea of their spectacle of a show.